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Fear of the Car: Sage, Protocols, and a Dozen Helpful Ideas

Last week I wrote a post that included Sage’s fear of the car. Many of my readers wanted to know more about what we’re doing and how to handle the ...

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Tips for Child-Dog Safety: Training the Kids

Dogs should be part of the family. Some of us bring home a new pup for our children to grow and play with, while others rescue a deserving adult dog ...

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Puppy classes with a dog trainer in Ballina

Are Dog Parks Worth the Risk?

Recently, a woman took her dog to the dog park for some fun and exercise. She envisioned him frolicking with other dogs and coming home happy and tired. Instead, the poor ...

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Dog relaxing on the couch

Preparing your Dog for Alone Time

This blog is simply just to get you thinking about your dog before you and your family begin work/school life routines again. Separation Anxiety can be complex and does need ...

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The importance of play can’t be underestimated. Every situation will be different but remembering your pup or dog is relying on you to keep it all in control and to help and guide them.

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Choosing calm

Taking Jax for a walk on the beach, didn’t always go so smoothly. Stopping to ‘calm’ is the most amazing thing and one of the biggest gifts for yourself & for your dog.

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