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Our aim is to continually improve our services. We’d love to hear your thoughts on your experience with Dog Connections via our Facebook page.

I've come to Mandy over the years for ideas concerning 4 dogs. She has her finger on the pulse of what my family needed, how to care for an anxious and abused dingo, puppy training and how to care for a dog with cancer. She has a warmth and intrinsic knowledge that surpasses my ability. She is not afraid to say that this is a tricky one and she'll research and collaborate to help find an answer. She's soft and she is a beautiful soul. Highly recommended. Maya via Facebook
Mandy at Paw Connections, taught me how to give my puppy Jellybean the very best start to our relationship with force-free and positive reinforcement training. We can now understand each other better, and Jellybean is one of the most well-mannered dogs I know (I may be a tad biased). Thankyou so much Mandy. I will always feel confident in asking for your help in the future. Amy via Facebook
Mandy has an incredible connection with my beautiful dog Toby and as a result her training skills have produced a beautifully obedient, well trained lovable companion. In training Toby Mandy has gone above and beyond expectations she is passionate and caring in her professional approach and I can highly recommend her. Johanne via Facebook
Our eight year old greyhound although loving and gentle is still very nervous & anxious around people she doesn't know. However, much to my amazement Mandy was able to feed her by hand & pat her after only a short period of time. Mandy was very patient & non threatening & it made a world of difference. I would highly recommend her to anyone with an anxious dog, she was wonderful! Tracy via Facebook