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Help with your Dog’s Behaviour

We offer private consultations for help with those dogs with behavioral issues. Providing a strategy plan for management and working toward successful outcomes.

Within the initial session, time will be taken on gathering a history of your dog and what has been happening and what you have previously done to solve the issue.  Some management techniques will be provided.

Once all the information has been gathered; we can then put together some strategies to help you and your dog.  Remembering every dog is different and some behavioural traits take time to change; dependent on how long the dog has been practising the behaviour.

Sessions can be conducted at your home or at a park; this and the number of sessions is dependent on what will be needed to get the best results.

Cost: Provided at contact. There is an additional cost for multiple dogs and travel to those living outside of the Ballina area – please contact and discuss.

Initial session is 1.5 hours, the following sessions will be 1 hour per session.

Online dog training consultations

Online and phone consults

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