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“I believe that dogs are here to help bring out the best in ourselves, as with all of our relationships. The other ‘being’ in the relationship, whether it be human or dog; a mirror to us, reflecting back what is within ourselves. This can be confronting and many would not like to believe this. But with awareness and kindness we are here to help and support an ever-growing bond to those conscious puppy and dog guardians of the world. Nurturing that special connection.”

Mandy Eggins is the founder of Dog Connections which started in August 2015.  Dog Connections is a dog training business and as a side, Mandy practices animal communication.

Mandy’s passion lies with anything ‘dog’.  Her husband always laughs about conversations with Mandy, as they usually end up having a dog in it somewhere.

In 2013, Mandy acted on her dream to work with dogs and enrolled to do her Certificate IV in Companion Animals – Dog Training & Behaviour with the Delta Society Pty Ltd.  Mandy achieved her certificate in October 2017, learning about how to train dogs using the positive reinforcement method.  The more she learnt, the more passionate and excited she become.  Learning much about herself along the way.

In January 2017 Mandy and her husband had the most crushing decision to have their Jack Russell X Australian Silky, Lucy put down. The little rescue dog with the biggest, most gentle heart who started Mandy on her journey to fulfil her passion. Fast forward to December 2017, they decided to bring a puppy into their world – introducing Jax, an Australian Shepherd.  Neither Mandy or her husband has actually had a pup in their lives since they were kids so this was a whole new experience.  Jax, in the short time he’s been with Mandy and her husband has taught them both so much.  He’s an independent, head strong boy and the journey truly amazing.  Jax is a testimony to current, hands on experience with a working breed puppy and a ‘work in progress’.

Mandy is forever schooling in regard to dogs (apart from the continual learning with Jax), she is a member of Delta Society Limited, The Association of Pet Dog Trainers Australia (APDT) and Pet Professional Guild Australia (PPGA). Building relationships with other trainers, going to seminars, constantly reading an array of dog training books & material.  Researching and exploring what we feed our dogs and how this can affect their behaviour, body language & communication with dogs, handling techniques such as the T-Touch method and more.

Mandy’s excitement and passion is to help people work toward an amazing bond with their dogs. To pass on the knowledge that she has learnt, as much as possible. The more she learns, the more it is clear to her that it is us, the humans that confuse the whole learning process due to our limited knowledge on communication with our dogs and hanging onto outdated ideas on how the human/dog bond should be.  She believes that if she can impart some of her knowledge and teach people the skills, perhaps there will be less dogs ending up in shelters and being mistreated; giving dogs the respect and love they deserve.